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Recent Posts From the Face Reflections Best Chicago Electrolysis Blog

Does Your Chin Hair Feel Like a Pokey Cactus?

Do you ever find yourself stuck in traffic and touching your chin only to find hair that feels like a pokey cactus?  Or, maybe, you take a quick glance in the rear view mirror to check out your face before opening the door.  The sunlight hits at just the right angle and you’re horrified a [ Read more... ]

Choosing an Electrologist

Once you’ve made the decision to finally and forever get rid of your unwanted hair, it’s time to do your due diligence in choosing an electrologist. Following is a list of things to consider:       34 states (including Illinois) regulate the practice of electrolysis and [ Read more... ]

Electrolysis Is The Permanent Solution To Unwanted Hair

Is pulling these weeds a permanent solution? I don’t think so. How many times have you looked in the mirror and silently (or loudly) cursed at the resilient, unsightly hairs that WILL NOT go away despite your best efforts to annihilate them forever? Unfortunately, it’s probably those [ Read more... ]

Recent Posts From the "Current" Events Blog

Thoughts About Electrolysis Hair Removal - The Only Truly Permanent Method

The Potentially Harmful Effects of Beauty Products

People want to look their best, so they can feel their best. To do this, many of us turn to video tutorials and recommendations for beauty products from the web. But if you are anything like me, who still doesn’t know the difference between concealer and foundation (seriously, what is it?), you [ Read more... ]

Menopause and Unwanted Hair

It is common knowledge that menopause makes women smarter and even more devastatingly beautiful. (If this is not already common knowledge in your house, take steps immediately to make sure everyone is on the same page.) In exchange for all of that wisdom and beauty, Mother Nature often "blesses" [ Read more... ]

Hairline Shaping With Electrolysis

Is Your Hairline Giving the Wrong Impression? In the early 1900s, a doctor named Gerolamo Cardano penned several books in which he made an association between forehead lines and the planets. According to Cardano, the horizontal and vertical shapes on the forehead corresponded to different planets [ Read more... ]

Body Positivity: Ending the Shame Cycle

While the term body positivity might be new, the sentiment isn't. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves. When faced with something you feel like you can't change, you have a choice to make - accept the trait or spiral into depression. At least, that’s the frame of the body positivity arg [ Read more... ]

Unwanted Toe Hair: A Problem with Solutions

Whether due to an activated toe hair gene or a heady concentration of hair growth hormones, or a confluence of both, some people have hairy feet. Whether that’s a smattering of toe hair on a few digits or cascades of curlicued hair needing a brush, Western society is increasingly drawn to smoot [ Read more... ]