Liz Stapleton, LE, CPE / Mary Sierra, Lic. Aesthetician

Skin Care From the Warehouse Spa at Face Reflections

Facials at Warehouse Spa in Roselle IL

Healthy skin is always beautiful!

We're so excited about opening the Warehouse Spa and hope you'll take advantage of a unique opportunity to get a high quality, relaxing, skin care treatment at a great price. All credit cards accepted.

Face Reflections is expanding and the Warehouse Spa is open for business. Mary Sierra is a licensed esthetician with experience in the full range of skin care and body rejuvenation services. She came up with the idea of opening a spa at her husband's warehouse and offers discounted rates as she builds her clientele.

Men Facials at Warehouse Spa in Roselle IL

All treatments utilize the Aesthe skin care product line which is the first and only completely color free and fragrance free skin care line (google 'aesthe skin care'). Aesthe produces the highest quality skin and body rejuvenation products available today. The full line of Aesthe skin care products is available for purchase at the Warehouse Spa.

The Warehouse Spa has a newly decorated reception area and the spa room offers a tranquil and soothing experience including aromatherapy, a warming massage table, and relaxing spa music. The actual warehouse is behind the reception area and not intrusive to the spa experience.

Warehouse Spa in Roselle IL

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